By House of Stray Cats 

Puppets by Maia Kirkman-Richards

'Clever and stunningly excecuted puppetry'


Remote Goat

'I took my daughter along and we both really enjoyed the show. The way the performers interacted with the audience as well made it fun and engaging and the use of space was really creative. Would definitely recommend.'

Audience feedback

'While this is billed as a show for children, in the manner of a Tim Burton or Pixar film, it keeps the adults entertained too'

Camden Review

Have you ever wondered where dreams come from?  Or how they get into your head?


Following the story of a young girl who has lost her ability to dream, we embark on a magical adventure to find out where dreams are made, what they look like... and even what they smell like! 


With breathtaking puppetry, enchanting storytelling and an exquisite musical score, we invite you to join us and immerse yourselves in our dream world.  In a land where anything is possible, no imagination is too big for our dream factory.  


Not even yours.

Maia Kirkman-Richards  |  London  |  Designer, Maker, Director, Puppeteer  |

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