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A Stone's Throw is a piece for ages 7+ and their families. Using live music, storytelling and puppetry, we follow the epic journey of a young girl who throws a stone and knocks the sun out of the sky. Exploring ideas of environmental sustainability, collective responsibility and self worth, A Stone's Throw is a modern day fairytale with a darkly comic script and an original soundtrack. We received rave reviews when sharing a work-in-development at the Edinburgh Festival a few years ago, and now we're back, this time as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, with a redeveloped production for a more contemporary audience.


By Giddy Aunt

Puppets by Maia Kirkman-Richards

“Proof that children's theatre needn't be showy and hammy to captivate and inspire small people, and that it can tackle larger issues such as self-worth, responsibility and even environmental sustainability in a way that is neither preachy nor patronizing…”

The Scotsman

“I would highly recommend this to any and every family as a must see for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.”

Broadway Baby

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