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By Black Sheep Productions

Puppet by Maia Kirkman-Richards

"I must mention and praise those involved with the creation of Tyke herself – for me, the star of the show. Presented through the medium of a large puppet, the elephant is utterly charming. Maia Kirkman-Richards (puppet builder), Alice Stillet (puppet director) and puppeteers Blake Barbiche and Lucinda French must all be commended."


"The large grey structure is an imaginative and aesthetically-pleasing centrepiece, which resembles the puppetry in the West End production of the Lion King.commended.  The puppet itself is beautiful, and as the only semblance of set or backdrop in the production, is very effective."

Ed Fringe Review

Tyke is a gripping new play that imagines the events leading up to an abused circus elephant’s tragic break for freedom. Grounded in the true story of Tyke – who killed her trainer in front of thousands of circus spectators, escaped, and died in a hail of gunfire – the play uses puppetry to explore love, power, morality, and animal nature.

This powerful new play by Rebecca Monks is co-directed by Madison Maylin and Madelaine Cunningham, and produced by James Lawrence of Black Sheep Productions.

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